Do You Really Need Dental Insurance?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to find some extra money of a month, you may find yourself going through a list of outgoings and seeing what you can really afford. Some payments will automatically be included as musts: health insurance, your mortgage or rent, something to do with the running of your vehicle and any taxes or licenses that you have to pay to the government.

In most scenarios, it is likely that you will group the idea of dental insurance in the group alongside things like your TV subscription– i.e. things that it’s nice to have, but not essential. No one takes their teeth seriously, despite the fact that dental issues are as if not more important than any other part of the anatomy.

To begin with, dental problems can become overall health problems. Poor dental hygiene can lead to bacterial infections anywhere in the body, including a condition called endocarditis which targets the heart and can be fatal. Endocarditis has been linked to poor oral hygiene, so do you really want to be taking any risks with looking at your teeth?

dental card exampleThen think about things that you use your teeth for. Should you sustain an injury that you cannot afford to have properly fixed, you won’t be able to eat or chew properly. It’s likely your speech will be somewhat impaired as well, which is not going to go down well in the workplace or socially. Mouth issues also tend to spiral if you don’t catch them in time, and it really is no exaggeration whatsoever to say that something like an untreated oral abscess has the power to become fatal… or for the sake of saving a little money each month.

If you choose on the flip side to do without dental insurance and pay in full for any fees you may incur rather than gambling with your health, that’s something of a smarter decision. However, it’s important to go and request a price list from your dentist before you make this step, and ask yourself if you realistically can afford some of the more common treatments like root canals in one lump sum. Be honest about this, and believing you can when you cannot could have some of the consequences listed above.

The crux of the matter is, most of the time dental insurance is going to save you more than cost you, as long as you are sensible in how you choose a provider and how you maintain your account.

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